Social Kickball

August 21 - October 9

About The League

Kickball – Your Weekly Social Highlight!

Join us in the field where kickball action meets social interaction. Our league is designed for those who enjoy a good kick and cherish the social buzz off the field. Whether you’re aiming for that big kick or looking to expand your social circle, our league provides the perfect backdrop for excitement and new friendships.

Network & Play


Welcome to Dayton’s kickball scene, where the rules are simple: have a blast, make pals, and kick it like you’re the kickball king or queen! Gem City’s fields are alive with the sounds of cheering and chuckles as we turn up the dial on fun. Don’t worry about your skill level; we’re all about that high-energy vibe and the smiles that stretch from base to base. Join us, where every game is less about the score and more about scoring friendships and epic kickball tales!

Embracing Team Play

Whether you're here to relive childhood memories or make new ones, our kickball league is the place for you. Our games focus on participation and enjoyment, not just competition. With open arms, we invite players of all abilities to join us for a game where every round is a chance to laugh, cheer, and belong.


Communication is key, both on and off the kickball field. That's why the Gem City Social Sports kickball League harnesses the power of our dedicated communication app to keep all our Dayton adult players in sync. With this app, the latest Kickball schedules are always at your fingertips, ensuring you never miss a match or team update.



Eager to show off your kicking prowess? Whether you’re a lone kicker or have a lineup ready, we’ve got a spot for you on our fields. Dive into our high-spirited kickball league and experience a season where every kick counts, camaraderie reigns supreme, and the social energy makes every game an event to remember. It’s the league where you can shine, hatch game-winning plans, and feel the pulse of our vibrant community with every play.

Free Agent / Small Group

Are you an independent player or part of a mini squad? Either way, our kickball league welcomes you! Register as an individual or with a group of up to 15, and we’ll combine you with other players to form a kickball powerhouse. It’s the perfect way to expand your social circle, engage in some playful rivalry, and be embraced by a community that’s passionate about every game, every score, and every moment together.

Full Team

Have a complete crew ready to roll? Register your full team of 12-15 players and take control of your league experience. As a Full Team, you'll have the autonomy to name your squad and strategize your way to the top. Remember, signing up as a Full Team means you're responsible for your lineup & one time payment for the full team.


Full Team


Free Agent


Small Group

Play, Connect, Repeat:

Lanes of Connection - Gem City Bowling Nights

Join our Kickball League at Gem City Social Sports and become part of a community that values team spirit and social connections over the scoreboard. It’s where teamwork and camaraderie are celebrated as much as goals and victories.


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Our Adult Kickball League is more than just home runs and outs; it’s about the high-fives, the cheers, and the camaraderie built with every inning. Each game is an opportunity to craft unforgettable moments with both teammates and rivals.


The Gem City Soccer League is where passion meets play and strangers become teammates. Ready for the kickoff?
Where and When

Where We Are Playing

The action unfolds at Action Sports Center. Nestled in the heart of downtown, just a stone’s throw from the Dayton Children’s Hospital, our league enjoys a premier location that combines urban convenience with a great atmosphere. 

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