Social Bowling League

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

About The League

Social Bowling League

Get ready to roll a strike! Our social bowling league is perfect for anyone who loves bowling with a twist. Featuring 9-pin no tap games and Scottish doubles, this league is for both the seasoned bowler and those looking for a fun reason to hit the lanes!

Teams or individuals, all are welcome to join the fun and excitement. We’re not just about the scores; it’s about meeting great people and enjoying the game. Be part of our community and let the good times roll!

Network & Play


Bowling is not just about sending pins flying; it’s about camaraderie, the friendly rivalry, and the collective excitement of a perfect strike. Our 9-pin no tap games keep the spirits high – a near strike (9 pins down) is just as good as a full strike, making every player’s contribution feel rewarding. Pair up for Scottish doubles, where you and your team take turns to conquer the lanes together, doubling the fun and social interaction.

Understanding 9-Pin No Tap

Not a pro bowler? No worries! In our 9-pin no tap format, knocking down 9 pins counts as a full strike, making it more enjoyable and approachable for players of all levels.

Mastering Scottish Doubles

Discover the joy of Scottish doubles, where teamwork takes center stage. You and your partner collaborate, alternating shots for each frame. It's not just about your score; it's about playing together and creating a shared success story.



Ready to hit the lanes? Whether you’re a lone wolf or already part of a bowling pack, we offer the perfect setup. Join our vibrant bowling league and embrace a night of strikes, spares, and social vibes every week.

Free Agent / Small Group

Flying solo or with a few friends? Register as a Free Agent or a Small Group of 2-8 players. We'll match you with other enthusiastic bowlers, forming teams that'll make the pins tremble! It's your chance to meet new people, enjoy friendly competition, and be part of a community that shares your passion for bowling.

Full Team

Have a complete crew ready to roll? Register your full team of 8-10 players and take control of your league experience. As a Full Team, you'll have the autonomy to name your squad and strategize your way to the top. Remember, signing up as a Full Team means you're responsible for your lineup — so choose your teammates wisely and prepare to dominate the season!


Full Team


Free Agent/Small Group


Lanes of Connection - Gem City Bowling Nights

Join our Bowling League at Gem City Social Sports and find yourself part of a community that’s less about the score and more about social scores. It’s where handshakes and high-fives matter more than strikes or spares.


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Our Adult Social Bowling League isn’t just about rolling the perfect strike; it’s about the cheers, high-fives, and friendships crafted every night.

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Where We Are Playing

Join us for a bowling experience like no other at Poelking Woodman Lanes, renowned for its top-notch lanes that are diligently maintained for consistent strikes, modern features, and up-to-date technology. It’s not just bowling – with a laser tag arena and arcade, there’s an array of entertainment options to enjoy!


Join our Adult Social Cornhole League today! From spirited games to building lasting connections, it’s all about the fun and fellowship.