Tuesday Social Soccer

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

About The League

Social Soccer League

Our social soccer league is the ultimate experience for anyone who loves soccer with a social spin. Featuring 7 vs 7 co-ed matches on junior-sized fields, this league is for both the experienced striker and those looking to have a ball and make some new friends!

Whether you’re flying solo or bringing a squad, everyone is invited to join the fun and excitement. It’s not just about the goals scored; it’s about connecting with fellow soccer enthusiasts and embracing the joy of the game. Dive into our community and let the good times kick off!

Network & Play


Soccer in Dayton is more than just the game; it’s a network of adults coming together, sharing in the camaraderie of teamwork and the joy of that perfect pass. Gem City Social Sports Soccer League champions the spirit of community, transforming every match into a vibrant networking event where connections are built and strengthened on and off the field. Here, an assist is as commendable as a goal, and every player’s contribution is valuable. Our co-ed matches provide the perfect backdrop for Dayton adults to team up, share strategies, and engage in friendly competition, all while forging lasting social and professional bonds.

Embracing Team Play

Not quite the next soccer superstar? No problem! In our 7 vs 7 co-ed matches, the emphasis is on participation and enjoyment, making the game accessible and enjoyable for players of all skill levels.


Communication is key, both on and off the soccer field. That's why the Gem City Social Sports Soccer League harnesses the power of our dedicated communication app to keep all our Dayton adult players in sync. With this app, the latest soccer schedules are always at your fingertips, ensuring you never miss a match or team update.



Ready to take the field? Whether you’re a solo striker or already have a full squad, we have the ideal setup for you. Join our energetic soccer league and dive into a season of goals, teamwork, and the kind of social atmosphere that makes every match memorable. Our league is where you can show your skills, develop new strategies, and enjoy the community spirit every week.

Free Agent / Small Group

Going at it alone or teaming up with a couple of pals? Register as an Individual or a Small Group of 2-7 players for our soccer league. We'll pair you up with other passionate soccer players, creating dynamic teams ready to take on the challenge of the pitch. It's a fantastic opportunity to connect with new teammates, engage in friendly competition, and be part of a soccer-loving community that celebrates every goal and game together.

Full Team

Have a complete crew ready to roll? Register your full team of 8-10 players and take control of your league experience. As a Full Team, you'll have the autonomy to name your squad and strategize your way to the top. Remember, signing up as a Full Team means you're responsible for your lineup — so choose your teammates wisely and prepare to dominate the season!


Full Team


Free Agent


Small Group/Full Team

Play, Connect, Repeat:

Lanes of Connection - Gem City Bowling Nights

Join our Thursday Night Soccer League at Gem City Social Sports and become part of a community that values team spirit and social connections over the scoreboard. It’s where teamwork and camaraderie are celebrated as much as goals and victories.


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Our Adult Soccer League is not just about scoring goals; it’s about the shared celebrations, team spirit, and the bonds forged on and off the pitch. Every game is a chance to create lasting memories with teammates and opponents alike.

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Where and When

Where We Are Playing

Join us at the Dayton Kroc Center on pristine, newly renovated turf fields. Experience the Gem City Soccer League’s vibrant night matches, illuminated by state-of-the-art lighting that brings every play into sharp relief. Enjoy the thrill of evening soccer in a professional setting where every moment is under the spotlight.


The Gem City Soccer League is where passion meets play and strangers become teammates. Ready for the kickoff?